Version 5 comparison to Version 6 for Windows

FeatureVersion 5Version 6
Type dotted, dashed, or solid letters.YesYes
Choose From Four Guide Line Options: Top, Middle, Bottom and Descender. Change any line to solid or dashed and colors to red, black or blue.YesYes, but any color
Choose Shading of Fonts from Dark to LightYesYes
Expand Font Sizes anywhere from 1/4" to 2".YesYes, but as big as page
Choose Handwriting Fonts including Manuscript, Manuscript-Simple, Manuscript-Simplified, Modern Manuscript, Italic, PLMR (similar to Palmer™), HWOT (similar to Handwriting Without Tears™), VIC (Victoria - Australia), QLD (Queensland - Australia), NSW (New South Wales - Australia)YesYes
Additional Fonts: Clocks Font, Money Font, Math Font 1 and Math Font 2. NoYes
Stroke Arrows for proper letter formation.YesYes, but can change
colors and options
Start DotYesYes, but can show
Start Dot only
Clip Art Included or import your own JPG or BMP clip art to make pages fun...YesYes
Special shape characters NoYes
Spanish CharactersLimitedYes
Outline FontsNoYes
Area HighlightsLimitedYes, all areas
and all colors
Flowing TextNoYes
Border Art and LinesNoYes
Grid for better alignment of text and art boxesNoYes
Color FontsNoYes
Change all colorsNoYes
Dotted ShapesNoYes
Combination of shading and density changes within Text BoxesLimitedYes
Decision Dots and Connecting LinesNoYes